2012 Local Corporation – “The staff was very friendly and attentive to the group. I appreciated the fact that I was able to set up via website and email and also how the staff was introduced to me that would be helping with the event.”


2012 Heathcare Midwest Surgery – “The spitfire room is so nice and inviting for adults.  My work friends were impressed. One spouse was sending pictures to her Christmas Party and they said they were bored and heading out to ours!!”


2011 Home Depot – “We had the best holiday party we’ve had in years! We can’t wait to repeat it next year! Thanks for making our party a success!”

2011 Landscape Forms – “The guys in the department said they had a BLAST!” Thank you!


2011 Town & Country – “Great party as always, easy to plan, good food, fun activities & able to have fun!”


2011 Stryker – “We always have a great time at Airway!”


2012 Vicksburg Grad Bash Committee said, “Our kids had the best time ever and it was so easy to plan, the staff at Airway Fun Center were just amazing to work with.”


Mens Wearhouse – “I have already recommended Airway lanes twice since our visit and will recommend again. We had a GREAT time!”